Mental Poop

Friday, January 31, 2003
Retail therapy!

Buffy Season 3
LotR Widescreen Theatrical Release
LotR Extended Edition

Billy Idol - Greatest Hits

This is what we do with gift money. And sales. And a sister who works in that department. I think I aaaaalllllmost feel good.

I like money, because it means that WIGU MERCHANDISE is available to me. You should buy some of it, too. It is TOP DRAWER, yo. Word.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Mmm, slacking.

Sunday's wedding pictures have their own gallery.

OMG, Octopus 2 sucks.

That Weather Pixie on the side is SO not me.

I don't own a single pair of pink pants, dammit.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Motivation escapes me.

And I think MGD somehow got a Morphine-like song, or Morphine with a new lead singer, into one of their ads. It made me sad, because much as Morphine is good, they should never be used for The Man's products, especially some shitty American lite beer.

James Spader has a distinctly Hugh Grant-ish look in his upcoming TV movie, "The Pentagon Papers". It's really off-putting.

Monday, January 27, 2003
In cleaning up my room a bit (yay productive procrastination), I found a fortune cookie fortune.

It says:
You are in good hands.

Yay :)

Sunday, January 26, 2003
I went to the wedding of some people I'd never really met before. It was fun, there was lots of dancing.

Pictures for Rome and this wedding may take a while to go up; I'm heinously behind on my paper, I think, and sadly schoolwork is one of those important things. Go fig.

I submit this movie for your approval. It is safe for work and small children.

ooop, there goes gravity

Saturday, January 25, 2003
This one, too.

Ugh. I ate too much rich food today, and it does not like me for this. Oh well. Read this article to make the day better - it tells you what working at Victoria's Secret teaches you.

Friday, January 24, 2003
I am consumed with rage.

Apply loud music, call in the morning.

Ok, kids, I just proved to myself why lying down for a nap after a "rich" meal is a bad thing. The rich meal in this instance is a big bowl of mac&cheese, some Coke (full-on American caffeinated crazy juice), and a couple cookies.

It was an odd dream. I don't think I enjoyed it at all, except for... no.

Granted, it did not feature actual screaming so far as I'm aware of it, nor did it feature intruders, but it may have... it was surreal, like Mr. Heard's choice for us to watch with the French class one year, only not.

Hearing "Tubthumping"'s intro, I'm reminded of how cool she was in the movie. Go her.

As for the dream, it's gone. ROCK.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Last night I was sitting and reading, and what happens but the picture suddenly cuts out. Completely. Totally blank, although the power light is on.

So today, I go to Compumart after picking my niece up from school, and they take a look at the main box. After turning the main box on, they conclude that it's the power supply, as the LOUD-ASS WHIRRING CRAZINESS coming from some fan was a sign the power supply was going. That, and as soon as they plugged it in, it died. No power to the video card. So they were cool and fixed that. I take it home, plug everything back into my big beautiful black box, and turn the sucka on.


So I call in, and bring in my monitor. Turns out the monitor (ne 1997) is dead. Green light on power, but it's a no-go on ANYTHING but that.

So now we have a big, pretty, SILVER monitor from ViewSonic. The guy who helped me was really cool, and even put the huge-thing in my car. If only Mom hadn't parked so damn far over to the right I might've actually had an easy time getting it out. In the rain.

So now I've got a big, sexy black tower and a shiny, sexy silver monitor with pretty birdies on the top. It even has a swivelly bottom thingy. Life is pretty damn neat.

Now I have no money

So I'm driving home from Buffy Night at Paul's, and I can't see a damned thing. STUPID FOG.

And near the end of the drive (at this point, I am driving Jennifer back to campus), there's this car that's been steadily gaining, and has started tailing me very closely despite the MAD FOG all around. Now, I've lived in this area all my life, I know the roads verywellthankyou, but even I had to slow down. And this guy's tailing me.

What do you know, but the boyos (it turned out to be a car stuffed with skanky boys) were students at the school.

I knew it. Only this school's students would be so dumb.

Monday, January 20, 2003
If I sing this man's praises anymore, I fear I may sound like some kind of lame, demented fangirl.

Which is entirely possible, but I really don't care. I like him that much.

The gaming party I went to this evening was pretty fun. The game of Lunch Money was really messed-up, but loads of fun, as it encouraged inventive curses and foul language. I also got to meet fun people, so that was pretty neat. I only wish I'd been more awake.

Must... get rest...

Sunday, January 19, 2003
I'm running low on imported chocolate. Damn you, appetite!

THIS SITE IS GENIUS, AS IS THE SIDEBAR. I am serious. HOURS of entertainment. Really.

Good lord, I shouldn't be up this late/early. ARG.

Friday, January 17, 2003
I got to see Jennifer today! It was fun, especially after the disappointment of my ID card not working AGAIN in the library.

See, we are on a barcode system. When I first started attending the current school, they gave me a card with my first name misspelled. So I eventually got a replacement with the right name. Now, for some reason, every time I went to get a book out of the library (once a month, maybe), they'd have to reenter my barcode, b/c it kept resetting itself (probably to the older number). The library would blame the registrar (who sent them the numbers of people who had paid their tuition, and probably had the old code number), and the registrar would claim innocence and send me back to the faulty library and their faulty ITS. The registrar/financial office decided to "fix" it by giving me a new card (with new barcode). It worked in December, when they did this (or perhaps November).

So, I go back today to get some books for my paper. I try Link+ (an interlibrary borrowing system between a bunch of different colleges over CA), and what does it tell me?

The barcode is wrong.

They scanned it in again and changed it, and I was able to order the books, but honestly, WHAT IS SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT KEEPING A RECORD STRAIGHT BETWEEN TWO OFFICES? It's not like there are 30,000 students here. Lock this new barcode into the permanent record, then make sure the library and the registrar don't have the others anywhere in the system. I'm fucking sick of having to change it every time, and if I want something on Link+ I have to go and get the barcode fixed. It's RETARDED, and it symbolizes to me what is wrong with certain people and institutions.

I'm a little pissed. Forgive me. I'm going to do something happy now!

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Ok, I just saw an ad for Shanghai Knights.

I am SO seeing that movie. BOO and YAH.

Gwen Stefani is really pretty when she doesn't have five pounds of lipstick and 10 pounds of mascara and eyeliner on.

I ate too much chocolate. Damn you, duty-free stores! Damn you, SeeBuyFly!

Thanks, haberlach - FLY GUY

I took 472 pictures in Rome, and I still feel like I missed stuff. Then again, I thought I'd be going back to places.

It is so fucking cool when someone writes you a letter and they say something that just really makes your day. I got that, like, 3 times today. Well, yesterday too, but still.

Like Robbie Williams says, I don't want to rock, DJ, but you're keeping me up all night. He makes a really funny cowboy, especially when he makes out with Daryl Hannah.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Due to crazy reasons (but not because I did something stupid like get hella drunk and mack on dirty Italian sleazoids), I'm back from Rome early.

No worries or anything, I can stay in the class, I just have to write a longer paper.

On the plus side, I can talk to the people here. Good $DEITY, that's nice.

Friday, January 03, 2003
Ok, I'm leaving for the airport shortly.

Wish me luck, international jet-setter that I am.

Well, I haven't quite left yet, but I've changed the WeatherPixieThingie over to the side now because I probably won't get around to changing the coding in Rome.

Flight leaves at 3:45 CA time. Yipe.

I am alternating between efficiency and serious wiggin'. YIPE.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Santa Fe pictures

Beautiful paintings made by someone I know

Yay for time-wasting!

So, the party was funfunfun. I'm sure lots of people will agree with me. Lots being about 5 other people, but still. I'm working on getting the pictures up, what with packing and stuff.

Citrusy margaritas aren't my thing, I've decided. But that's ok. Remind me to bring my Irish Cream and butterscotch Schnapps next time (although vanilla Coke + vanilla Stoli = tasty).

I dunno, alcohol is always a little too bitter for me, but sometimes it's nicely disguised. And it's a good thing when there is a DESIGNATED DRIVER, which some people need to remember (yeah, I'm looking at you, rich fuck in the Benz who was alternately hugging the lane lines and had a tendency to laze into another lane and take forever to change a lane). I cannot stress the necessity of having someone who is sober driving. I mean, damn.

Happy 2003, Georgian calendar followers!