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Links! I've got lots of places for you to go. They're for me too, of course, I just figured you might want in on them.


Fun Stuff


Random Shiznat



Tishboom - aka Aussie Chick

Nate Paymer - too smart for his own good.

Josh Burnett - talented-as-fuck writer.

Marlow Schindler - we hit each other a lot in elementary school. Yay!

Nicholas Chan - NICHOLAS CHAN! MER!/MEH!

Ray Hill - smart, talented, and has a penchant for cleavage.

Rachel - Rachel is EVERSO cool.

Smeagol - That's his nickname. He's not scary in the least, nor is he slimy, nor does he say, "My precious" a lot. Phew.

If you want to be here, and you don't see yourself, let me know.


Fun Stuff


Spring into Action! - Wigu: I LOVE this comic.

Worship the Comic - Sluggy Freelance: Stay good!

'Send me your titles' - Exploding Dog: Simplicity itself.

I only get it sometimes - Userfriendly: One of the first webcomics I started reading.

T&T! - Absurd Notions: I blame Jennifer for this one.

? - ?: Professor Ashfield is... odd.

love and pixels - Diesel Sweeties: Lo-fi, low-rez, and low-brow.

Like Marshmallows on a Windy Day - Buttercup Festival: Not what one expects.

RPG Sites:

Live, Love, Lust, Die!: TONS of fun. Holy shit.

IDIC Gamma Project: A new PBeM I've got a huge hand in.

Soultrek: I've been in this Star Trek PBeM for a looong time.

Yahoo! Groups: I'm in several RPGs on this site. Ask around.

Liberty Fleet: Started by me ole captain, this one is new.


Writing links

Astrochick: Some of the BEST stuff I have EVER read.

FanFiction.Net: You have to search, but there's some good stuff here occasionally.

Cassandra Claire: The Very Secret Diaries began here.


Random Shiznat

Criminy Pete: Why listen to Ebert&Moron when you can read Criminy Pete's knee-jerk reviews?

Acts of Gord: There is no real way to describe the wisdom contained here.

International House of Mojo:Lucasarts Lover's Paradise.

Rockridge Dental: My dentist. He rocks.

Dahler.Com: I don't speak his language, but his music is, well... listen for yourself.

Miramonte HS: The Illustrious Miramonte High School. Whoopee.

UCSD: The Even More Illustrious UC San Diego (in La Jolla). Double the whoopee.

St. Mary's of CA: The Supremely Illustrious St. Mary's College of California. Triple the whoopee.



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