The title's a dead Gua title!

UPDATE(3/12/01): The Infamous Chick Chat Story is here. Feast your eyes upon our collective insanity. I'm jordie3 there.
The Cade Brigade is officially here! I am RINGMASTER, so please, for the love of pie, join. Make me proud.

The first wave is here. So I'm told, at least. Sadly, none of my previous evil teachers have shown signs, so I guess we'll just have to wait.
In the meantime, check out some killer FW places.

SciFi Channel's excuse for a site

GuaNet: One-stop shopping for all your FW cravings Name says it all

Wave on, my friend.

Loyal Cade Brigade member - Brigadier-General

Sign the guestbook, already. How else am I going to know you care?

I'm scared of salt, I want the front page